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Our high-quality reports are intuitive and easy to read. A free repair cost estimate is also included with each inspection.

Certified experts

All of our inspectors are certified in the state of Texas and adhere to TREC standards.
Inspection services

We specialize in residential home inspections

Our professional inspectors use a multi-point inspection system that ensures your property has been thoroughly inspected from top to bottom.

Home inspection

A comprehensive visual inspection of the entire property for safety and current condition. Common components inspected include foundation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing systems, interior and exterior structural systems as well as built in appliances.

New construction inspection

An initial inspection at the start of construction, with follow-up site inspections at each stage where needed. We look to ensure that substandard work is corrected, safety hazards are identified, and in overall your house is built with the best practices in mind.

11 month warranty inspection

A thorough, non-invasive inspection to ensure your new home meets all necessary standards before the builder's warranty expires. Observations are based on visible conditions of both interior and exterior structural systems.

Construction progress monitoring

We’ll visit the construction site to confirm the information provided by the client, assess the status of the construction operations and collateral, and make sure there aren’t any issues in advance. This can occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Sewer scope inspection

A camera line is sent through a clean out to provide a view from the inside of drainpipes without needing any access points. We’ll look out for any blockages or issues connecting the home sewer line to the city’s, ensuring your plumbing systems are operating at their peak efficiency.

Mold testing

Air testing is performed to determine whether there is hidden mold in the house. Mold spores float around in the air until they find an area conductive to growth. We may also collect samples from tiles or wall. All samples will be sent to a lab to be further analyzed.

Termite inspection

Also referred to as WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) inspections, we look out for proof of insects and non-insect organisms that cause wreckage to wood. The non-insect creatures include the fungi that feeds on and destroys wooden materials. This is different from a pest inspection.

How it works

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Walk your future home with an inspector

While not required, we encourage you to attend the home inspection and learn about your future home directly from our inspectors.

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Receive your inspection report in an easy and intuitive format. We can also provide you with a repair cost estimate for the entire home. Use the report to learn more about your home and fix any issues.

Our inspectors

Meet our team of inspectors in Texas

Offering services in surrounding areas of Dallas / Ft. Worth and Austin, TX.

David Lozano

David Lozano

Professional inspector
TREC #22388 PHI
Drew McIlravey

Drew McIlravey

Professional inspector
TREC #22650 PHI
Rick Voss

Rick Voss

Professional inspector
TREC #24970 PHI

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